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Ray is a California trial attorney with offices in the South Bay area of Los Angeles near LAX International Airport. Among other credentials, he holds a Master of Science Degree in Engineering and is a Registrant Professional Engineer. Ray graduated from New York University, the School of Law at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the Air Force Institute of Technology. He served as a United States Air Force fighter pilot, flew as command pilot and instructor on a variety of aircraft in both combat and peace environments, and today maintains an FAA commercial pilot's license and instructs law classes at the University of Southern California Aviation Safety and Security Program.

His practice emphasizes the following areas: Product safety/liability, aerospace law, engineering-legal disputes; commercial litigation, defective highway design and construction practices, breach of contract, entertainment-industry lawsuits, premises liability, professional malpractice, wrongful termination and technology related matters. He has for instance served as trial counsel for civilian and military pilots, scientists, national and international businesses, victims of defective products, and entertainment industry figures. As an example, Ray represented the family of United States Air Force Pilot Sean Murphy in their nationally prominent lawsuit regarding defects in the ejection system of the F 15 supersonic fighter aircraft. In addition, Ray has been counsel in civil cases related to movie and television projects such as "Twilight Zone, The Movie," "The Dukes of Hazard," "Air Wolf," "The Little Rascals," "National Treasure 2," and "The Black Stallion." He has also represented agents, directors, production staff, actors and models.

Ray has authored professional papers on such topics as "Robot Car Safety," "Rear Collision Crashworthiness," "Runaway Acceleration," "Insurance: Beyond Policy Limits," "Helmet Safety," "Deadly Post-Collision Fires," "Killer Seats," "Protecting Precious Cargo: Rear Seat Safety," "Selecting Out Juror Bias," "Construction Defect: Slipping and Crumbling Home Developments," "Twists and Turns/Road Case," "The Government Contractor Defense"; "Cross Examining Adverse Experts"; "21st Century Demonstrative Evidence Today"; "Unstable Vehicles--Unsafe at Any Speed"; "Short on Safety: How Auto Designs Cause Needless Harm"; "On Wings of an Eagle: Aviation Law"; "High Profile Aviation Cases: Countering Key Defenses"; and "The Trial Lawyer As Private Attorney General: Defense Contractor Fraud." Additionally, he has been a repeated featured speaker at national conventions of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) (now The American Association for Justice) and the National College of Advocacy. His work "In Search of the Right Experts" is a frequently cited article of ATLA's Trial Magazine. In addition, Ray served as Chairman of the Products Liability Section of ATLA in 1995, and is co-author of the national trial practice volume Defective Product: Evidence to Verdict published by Juris Publishing of New York.

Ray was also the 2002 National Chairman of the Aviation Law Section of AAJ, and is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of California. He is also a Governor Emeritus of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and on the Boards of Directors of the Attorneys Information Exchange Group and Western Trial Lawyers Association. Ray has been selected repeatedly by Los Angeles Magazine as one of its SuperLawyers, and has served as legal consultant to the L.A. Times, USA Today and other news services. He has also been interviewed regarding legal matters on CNN (Wolf Blitzerís Situation Room), NBC Nightly News, and other televised news programs.

Over the years, Ray has represented clients in lawsuits involving many of the Fortune 500 companies and most major worldwide automobile manufacturers. He has obtained landmark results in products, government liability, aviation and other cases.

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