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    The following are examples of verdicts and settlements that the firm successfully litigated on behalf of plaintiff-clients against various types of defendants. Due to confidentiality Orders, we cannot reveal the actual names of the parties, but instead substitute general descriptions.


    Verdict/Settlement Amount

    Clients v. Tire Company, et al. $12,300,000.00
    Clients v. American Auto Maker $9,000,000.00
    Client v. Japanese Auto Maker $6,200,000.00
    Client v. Tire Manufacturer $5,250,000.00
    Client v. Road Construction Company, et al. $3,876,000.00
    Client v. SUV Manufacturer $3,200,000.00
    Clients v. State  $2,420,000.00
    Client v. State Highway $2,376,000.00
    Client v. City $2,250,000.00
    Client v. Aircraft Manufacturer $2,100,000.00
    Client v. Aircraft Parts Supplier $2,000,000.00
    Clients v. School District $1,700,000.00
    Client v. Real Estate Company, et al. $1,639,000.00
    Client v. Auto Dealership $1,500,000.00
    Client v. City, et al. $1,175,000.00
    Client v. Truck Manufacturer $1,100,000.00
    Client v. Helmet Distributor $1,000,000.00
    Client v. Tire Company, et al. $950,000.00
    Client v. Auto Manufacturer $750,000.00
    Client v. Car Maker $607,000.00
    Client v. Aircraft Parts Company $505,000.00
    Client v. Parking Company $502,400.00
    Client v. Auto Company $500,000.00
    Client v. Pilot $445,000.00
    Client v. Doctor $400,000.00
    Client v. Hospital $390,389.00
    Client v. Implant Maker $354,000.00
    Client v. HMO $318,944.00
    Client v. Doctor $245,000.00
    Client v. Airport $178,500.00


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